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  1. Thus happened yesterday. More alarmingly below is the response that I just recieved from the user who I was billed for: "Hi Sean This is certainly not fraud. I set up a business account as a test for our company, using my personal email.I was asked to set a password and then it said 'you have joined Sean Chapple's Business Account'. I did think it very strange but as it stated you as the business administrator I thought it may be an Evernote Business account manager as it is quite a new service and that would be the account contact. I was not at any point asked for payment information and no costs were mentioned. I'm very sorry that you have been charged for this - have the company responded to the situation? Please keep me in the loop on their response. I can only try to reassure you that I will not access this account until it is resolved and that I will not look at any of your content.What a mess!"
  2. Thanks for the response. I am the administrator and no one else had access to the EB Library and I do not understand how they got onto the account. I have been using EN for several years, but certainly do not have confidence in the integrity or safeguards in place with EB to continue using the platform in a business environment. I will stick with EN for personnel use which is a fantastic protect, but look elsewhere for another business. I have logged a ticket with EN support.
  3. The concerns I have go beyond a settings menu. My EB account had not been shared with anyone, it was not listed or featured on any www. It was only on my own PCs because I was building the EB Library. The 'user' is completely unknown me and has not responded to my email asking how they were able to access my EB account. Furthermore, when this occurred (earlier today) my EB account was entirely empty of notebooks/notes. I had removed all these two weeks ago after syncing problems. Also my understanding is that users are invited. I have not seen a setting where I can click that any email ending in '@hotmail.com' is automatically granted access. If it was there I certainly would not be clicking yes.
  4. I have recently opted out of EB after a string of issues with EB that culminated today in a very a serious security flaw. An unauthorised user was able to join my EB account - this was without an invite being sent. I am unsure how as this was possible as the EB account had no notebooks or notes in it, as I had stripped them out due to ongoing problems with EB. The email from EN stated 'xxxxx has joined your Business Account. They were able to join because you've set up auto-approval for any users with email addesses that end in @hotmail.com.'
  5. Good to see I am not alone. The Windows client is particularly poor. I spend all Friday afternoon on chat support rebuilding my database, notebook by notebook. I shouldn't have to copy EDB files just waiting for the sync to make notebooks disappear. I had to import exported notebooks one by one and sync each time to make sure they got server-side. Each sync takes around 4 minutes and they don't know why. This shouldn't happen. I think there is particular arrogance being shown to users who are paying subscription but spending much of their time messing around trying to create a database which will sync properly. All I get from support is 'thanks for staying with us'. As I mentioned before, they know it's broken but don't admit the issues or cost to clients above the subscription cost. Just count the number of betas there have been for the Windows client. That says it all really. And to cap it off, because I have been moving notes between my Premium and Business notebooks I have now maxed out on my allowance. 22 days to wait for the reset or pay 'more' money to get the extra gigs. Of interest is that since I stripped everyting out of EB and went back to using just my Premium notes/books the functionality and speed have returned to normal. Just a 22-day wait now before I can add anything else now!!!!
  6. In answer to the post's headline...in my view not yet. I have been a Premium user for several years and found EN to be a solid operating platform that has enabled me to become almost entirely paperless with EN used both personally and with work colleagues. I was particulary excited about EB, but decided to wait a while before plunging in - recently I signed up with the intent to use EB to segregate work (curently shared notebooks) from my personal notebooks. However, since signing up it has been uphill struggle to get EB to the same functioning/usability as I enjoyed with EN Premium. This has included notes/book going missing, syncing issues, upload allowance eaten into if you move notes from personal to business notes and generally very buggy and unreliable. Having been incredibly impressed with EN, I have tried to remain optimistic and spent considerable time attempting to work my through (or around) the many hurdles. Unfortunately, EB is not delivering what the ad copy is selling and I for one will be putting EB on the back burner until Evernote Busines is Really Ready...
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