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  1. You're all getting caught up with the legal sense of this issue when all I was asking is if an unmodified date field exists. An example of its utility might be in a legal setting (for example). The answer is clearly NO. At least in the eyes of the general public. It does however bring up an issue if business owners have anything to be concerned with... However, that's an entirely different topic and something I'm not an expert in. Thanks for the response, Phil
  2. This might go beyond the public forum, but this is certainly something that every professional should be aware of. Especially if they plan on capturing ideas via EN on a regular bases as almost every blog post suggests. Phil
  3. It's not uncommon where the authenticity of an idea, event or occurrence comes up in a legal setting. With the ability to modify the created date, demonstrating the originality of an item can be questionable. Question: 1. Is there a hard coded unchangeable time stamp on every note? 2. If the created date is changed, is the original date maintained somewhere that's accessible? Thanks, Phil
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