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  1. Thanks, Gazumped. I have been using skitch to do that since the bug started, and will continue to do so. I'll go report the bug too.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I downloaded Evernote from their website, Version 6.0.6 (451290 Direct), but I am still experiencing the same issue. I should have mentioned before that I am running an extended desktop, and when I clip from one screen it usually grabs from the other screen. It is not the same region, meaning clipping from Screen 1's top left corner does not creating a screen shot of the top left corner of Screen 2.
  3. I am running 6.0.5 and still have this issue. I am thinking about uninstalling and reinstalling Evernote at this point. Any other suggestions are welcome.
  4. I agree with UncleRic. I would love to change the color of the text highlight, especially when using the mobile app. Converting to PDF is relatively painless, but if you are doing a lot of note taking and highlighting this additional step becomes cumbersome quickly. Not to mention the additional step of editing the PDF if you want to actually change the text after the fact. My main reason to change the highlight color is that yellow highlight on a white background doesn't draw enough attention to the highlighted text. Maybe if it was Day-Glo yellow, but the pale yellow Evernote has chosen doesn't cut it.
  5. I'd just like to add my voice to the chorus that it would be a real improvement to the interface if the user could manually choose which image of a series becomes the thumbnail for the note. I work in AV installations and take loads of pictures of the rooms we work in. It is extremely frustrating to try and scan through my notes to find a room and the thumbnail is a picture of a close shot of a lighting fixture. My suggestion: right-click an image -> pop-up menu option: "Set As Thumbnail" Thank you for a product which has changed my life in great ways. I hope this suggestion helps you in your quest to help us remember everything. Dylan
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