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  1. [ Reposting the answer ] Hello David. Sorry I took so long to reply. Have you managed to install BeautifulSoup correctly? The easiest way to install bs4 is by using pip (it is a tool for adding packages to python). The trouble is.. you have to install pip first. The way to install pip depends on your platform, but a quick google search on how to install should solve it for you. (ie. for windows, this answer on StackOverflow http://stackoverflow...-pip-on-windows) After that you just do pip install beautifulsoup4 The way to test if you have installed it correctly is by opening up a Python interactive console and doing: "import bs4" if that doesnt report eny errors then you have succeeded, after that the script should work. Greetings.
  2. So I wanted to use Evernote as my sole repository for bookmarks. I created this little script to translate html files exported from Google Chrome and Google Bookmarks and generate .enex files that allows you to import your bookmarks into EN as individual notes. Hope it's helpful for somebody else: https://github.com/hitokiri82/bookmarks2evernote
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