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  1. I'm another one who pretty much only posted on the forums to mention how hideous the new UI is. Considering that I *always* upgrade my software packages on all my devices (iMac, Air, iPad, iPhone), and once I saw how blah the new UI was on my iMac I declined the upgrade on my Air, says something. Please make the colors what they were before, at least put in a preference. And I'm one of those paying for Evernote too as a Premium user, so it's not like I'm getting it for free, either.
  2. I hate the new look. There's a lack of contrast in the backgrounds between the notebook list, the notes list, and then the actual note you have selected. The light beige (very very light) in the notebook list is not providing enough contrast at all. All I see in my Evernote window is a sea of white in slightly different shades, but ultimately they're pretty much the same. The older version was perfect, imo. Also the light gray in the notes list where you can read part of the note is WAY too light. The notes window itself is fine, it's the other 2 columns I'm having problems with.
  3. Came here to say all of this. The new color scheme is HORRIBLE. Please fire your UI person. I miss the contrast between my notebooks, my notes, and the full note I have selected, now the backgrounds are all white. At least put in a way to skin this or fix the colors.
  4. I found some old threads talking about this, but not sure if anything has changed or not. On my Mac, iPhone, or iPad, sometimes I can do exact phrase searching by using quotes, but sometimes I can't. For instance, searching for "cost behavior" works fine. Searching for "cost of goods sold" returns the phrase as well as the individual words. Is this a bug that's scheduled to be fixed at some point, or is this just how it is?
  5. I used to have no problems with my notes auto-syncing on my Mac. Then a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that the auto-sync had stopped. I now have to manually sync every single change on my Mac. I'm running Mountain Lion, Evernote 3.3.0 (which the updater says is the most recent). In Preferences, if I go to "Sync" it says "every 15 minutes" so it should work, but it's not. I doubt it's related, but around the same time I bought the Macheist bundle and my account changed to Premium, and it was sometime after that I noticed the problem.
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