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  1. I've used Evernote for over nine years. I was a part of the beta for v10, and I kept telling the rep that I must have a bad install file. So much stuff was missing, my installation could not be correct. I felt like there was never a great understanding of my concerns, or it always came back to "this is only a beta." Which begs the question, why beta test anything that isn't close to final. I couldn't use the beta version to actually work, so I completely missed the lack of font selection in the editing toolbar, a basic feature which is available even in this forum. I really was surprised earli
  2. What I posted previously in this thread happened to my boss and a co-worker. It has now happened to me. My Personal shortcuts are still there, but my Business shortcuts are gone. Shortcuts still appears in the left panel, but instead of shortcuts, it just contains the instructional text, "Drag notes, notebooks, or tags here for quick access." I am using on Windows 10.
  3. The shortcuts added to the Shortcuts menu. The menu is there, but it was emptied.
  4. The Shortcuts menu is there. The created shortcuts disappeared.
  5. This is very true. We have 35 EN Business seats. We recently started using MS Teams; it integrates seamlessly with OneNote. I love Evernote, and I will probably always maintain a personal account. But ya'll need to take this seriously. WordPerfect is, in my opinion, a far better word processor than Word, but its market share is nearly non-existent because everybody already has Word. WP and Word are not the same thing, just like EN and ON are different. But to most people, they are the same and it makes no sense to pay twice. You can't afford to lose customers.
  6. My boss recently updated to (EN Business with Spaces). His shortcuts were missing, and it looks like they are no longer on the web version. He is using Windows 7 Pro. Synchronize Shortcuts is checked in Options. What happened and can this be recovered.
  7. Please don't move the New Note button. Like other users, I need my left panel for shortcuts. Please don't fix stuff that isn't broken. If you have an awesome reason for moving the button (or doing other stuff) please let us know. I can be convinced, and I can advocate and instruct my users on the changes.
  8. It is the same for me. I love the new tables feature, and my team will also. But this gap is a problem.
  9. FYI, from my, the print options do not appear under Options. (In the screenshot, Show Advanced Options is not checked; checking that did not cause print options to appear in the EN options dialog.) Looking at a install, the print options do not appear with the other options; they are only in the print dialog.
  10. The print dialog in earlier versions of EN ( included an Options button; this allowed control of what EN elements printed in addition to the note content. In, the button is missing. The print options have been moved to Tools>Options>Printing. This is not helpful. I choose different options for printing different notes. Having the print options in the print dialog makes sense. Placing these options under the program options is unintuitive and inefficient. It would be great to get this reverted.
  11. Carddesk is awesome! I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I specifically wanted something with a card view of EN notes that could be used on a Smartboard digital whiteboard. Apart from some touch-related features, Carddesk works great on a big touchscreen. Touching notes to move them around, group/stack them, and change colors is incredible. Clicking the EN icon to edit a note in EN Web is great. The main touch based feature I could use right now is the ability to resize by grabbing a corner, side, or bottom. Keep up the great work!
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