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  1. I was only partly correct about the app anmations (reflecting overall bad performance). It seems there is an improvement in 5.1.2 compared to previous versions, but only on general screens. Any operation when a note is opened are enormously slow. Best seen when turning iPad upside down and the app rotates. Other small annoyances in 5.1.2 would be: hiding the search field when synchronization occurs (usually occurs immediately atter starting typing). While I think they changed the behavior not to clear the text after synchronization finishes, it is still a disaster when you enter for example Japanese text (which means have delete all you typed before synchronization and start over for iOS to correctly interpret what you type). And when adding tags to a note, you have to return to previous screen by tapping on a button named "cancel". Though it does not cancel anything and seamply means "Done". Additionally the fact that newly added tags usually appear off-screen on the previous window (need to roll them down), it still makes me check if everything went ok each time.
  2. Problems with animations of the whole app, as I described before, were corrected today in v 5.1.2. Scrolling of long posts seems a bit faster, but unfortunately is still jittery and overall irritating. Scrolling of card view is much worse than before.
  3. Thank you very much for checking this out. That's why on Mac I use arrow keys to refocus on that current note. It wouldn't make sense on iPad, but still I am missing something... How about if we set up a sort order for "date created", then search for a note, highlight a note and then clear the search criteria? Doesn't it show the notes created immediately before and after the found one?
  4. Answer: "clear cache" did not work in 5.1. Corrected in 5.1.1
  5. I guess there is one thing missing from EN 4 which was related to snippet view. I have a feeling it had a notion of "current note". In snippet view when you selected a note (having its content on the right pane) and you changed sorting order especially for "by date created" you could see the notes created immediately before and after the selected note. Now that you need to close a note before going back to the (card) view and then you change the sort order, you lose the position you were at. I am not 100% sure, however, EN 3.3 for Mac allows that flow for sure, but on iOS when "sort by date created" was added again in 5.1, I found it not useful for me at all, so I guess EN 4 must have had this feature.
  6. I meant when it is not connected it is at least usable. When connected and synchronizing occurs, response to touch sometimes exceeds 1 second. Basically just opening EN on iPad makes all animations jittery (like double clicking home button when app is rolled up to reveal buttons at the bottom). Any other app scrolls smoothly, EN stutters. Though you would think it is iOS in charge at that moment. EDIT: v 5.1.2 corrected the latter behavior, app scrolls up and down smoothly and animations are generally much more smooth now.
  7. Can't disagree more on that. For me card view scrolling on iPad 2 is at least irritating (very jittery) when not connected to network and intolerable when synchronizing occurs in background.
  8. Recently there was a thread in these forums why we need http: at the beginning of each link. I think it was closely related. EN stores the content in HTMl, so there would be no technical difficulty in separating the target and actual link text (it is aleeady done partly for the internal links). Then a separate dialog window activated through a long tap on a link (with actual link and link text) would be no brainer. Like for example in WordPress app for iOS. A. a short tap to follow.a link, long to display a menu with one option to follow another one to edit.
  9. Not a solution at all, but I just noticed if you press "note info" icon and then somewhere outside of the menu, you actually switch to view mode without closing and reopening the note (at least on iPad). Although it does also scroll back long notes to the top. I support the idea especially with long tap and option either to edit, open in browser etc.
  10. EN 5.1, iPad 2, iOS 6.0.1, no offline notebooks I switch iPad to Airplane Mode, open Evernote, go into menu, tap on "Clear Cache" button, confirm, close Evernote, open Evernote again and I have most of ny recent notes available including their content. I expected the contents to be cleared. Am I missing something?
  11. How about un-maximizing the note (two arrows in the title line) and tapping somewhere outside the note?
  12. Yeah but that wasn't the screen you actually used most of the time. You could not actually work with your notes at all in that view. Once you tapped on any note, or searched for anything, etc. it swtched to split screen and stayed that way. And in what way the new interface improved the ability to work? What kind of scenario it was designed for in your opinion? Specifically in what kind of operation the following flow: [tap to open - tap to magnify - tap to edit - tap done - tap close - tap to open another note] is better than switching between notes with one tap?
  13. It happens often and is really annoying. I guess it is related to HtML rendering. One way to reproduce the problem is to type something that iPad will render as hyperlink, like number and then copying it. In the following example copying and pasting the second line will result in changing the spacing (I guess because of wrapping it in <span> tag). line 1 line 2 11:15 line 3
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