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  1. What it all boils down to is Evernote is a notetaking and research tool -- without one of the most basic tools of research: highlighting good stuff you find in your mountains of research. It's a huge gap.
  2. So true -- it's not like highlighting is some exotic new gadget. It's a very basic, time-honored tool of research. Kind of boggles the mind that it's not included in evernote. Yes, I have started using clearly and its highlighting function. It helps some. But I typically find and save articles and such first, and then later go back and read through them -- and highlight the information I want to note. I can't do that in Evernote right now. I've tried changing the text color, size, etc. It's not a great option.
  3. Please please please add some easy highlighting! I'm shocked that this basic tool is not already in there. Really limits the usefulness of Evernote for research!
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