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  1. TY Hanseric. I have installed the latest version from Epson of their software. When I click the "send to evernote" button the provide, it tells me that "the software is not installed" which started happening when the completely evolved their version from last year. I am running v10. I may try installing legacy and see if that makes the needed change and see if it causes an problems if by it just being installed it allows for the import while I still use version 10, then problem solved. And again, thank you.
  2. I know since the upgrade the "evernote" button in my scanner software is broken. I understand from a while a go that this was a "future feature" they were working on. Knowing future features sometimes don't happen, do any of you have a means or direction for me to accomplish this without the extra steps of saving the files then dragging and dropping into evernote or scanning to email and then forwarding the email? It was a very handy feature to accomplish this directly from a scan. I am using an EPSON 60W. I am not a programmer but can follow directions if there any line edits or hacks I need to try? I have adjusted my workflow, but sending these items directly out of the scanner via their software was really quick. I am not sure EPSON can fix it until EVERNOTE gives them the API or whatever the term is.
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