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  1. In a nutshell: - there are important use cases for the feature - implementation should be fairly easy but: - today we get the illusion of unlimited space, while our sleek macbooks limit the actual space used to some GB so: - if this feature is implemented, it might break the business case of Evernote: (e.g. 1TB on AWS S3 cost about 30$/month) - to allow the feature, we would have to pay for storage / accept storage limits Are you willing to do this?
  2. +1 I'm using Evernote Premium for several years, dumping a lot of scanned documents into it. But without the feature of selective sync for Mac it will become useless at some point, because my MacBook has only 512GB, and I prefer to use it for other things than old notes. So please implement this feature, the mobile client has it already. I'm really wondering why this basic is still missing, and we get toys like "work chat": Is it really that hard to implement? Do you want to keep a hidden total online storage limit, because people will stop uploading when their computer is
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