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  1. Anytime I edit a Word doc or Excel file that is saved in Evernote it crashes now on Beta 3. Going to need to downgrade to regular version for the time being.
  2. I'm having trouble with the Mark Up in Skitch feature. The way I think it should work (maybe this is not the intention) is that I have a note with a PDF and I click to "Mark Up in Skitch" (from toolbar). Then I make any annotations and my original note contains the edited PDF. No duplicates, no extra notes, etc. But every time I annotate, Evernote produces a duplicate note and my annotated PDF appears in the duplicate note and my original note just contains the un-marked up PDF. Am I doing something wrong or is this how this feature is supposed to work?
  3. +1 for forward/back buttons or shortcuts for navigating between notes. If you use a lot of Note Links, then this becomes a crucial feature. +1 for Total Note count missing. But in general, very pleased with the look and functionality of Evernote 5 beta. I really like the shortcuts bar. That has really helped my workflow. Also, the recent searches in the search bar is helpful.
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