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  1. For iOS devices you still can't edit date created with the Evernote client. However, the most recent update of Clever now allows updating date created/updated. Still it would be great if Evernote added this feature.
  2. I have stayed with version 4.4.1 off-and-on (mostly on) since version 5 came out. I did this mostly for the iPad (snippet view) but stuck with 4.4 on the iPhone as well. I recently installed version 5.2.3 on both devices and I have to say I am delighted with what Evernote has done to meet my needs. Well done. Having said that, the one thing that I do miss on the iPhone in version 5.2 that was available in version 4 is the small snippet navagation bar that would allow jumping months (I sort by Date Created). It had a slider and dots representing months - I used that to jump backwards months at a time when browsing for earlier notes (I know I could do this by a date-range search, but the navagation bar was just very convenient) This is available on the iPad (and much improved I might add - thanks!) but not on the iPhone. I'd really like to see this brought back in a future update.
  3. This is very odd. I am using Evernonte 5.0.5 beta with OS X 10.8.2 and do not see the coredata errors. In fact I haven't seen them since 5.0.0. There is really very little console activity now when I use evernote. What's strange is that unlike you, my evernote.sql file is in ~/Library. In fact, there is nothing that I can find related to evernote in /Library. Did you install evernote from the Mac App Store, or direct? I had installed 5.0.0 originally from the App store but then decided to go back to the direct install starting with 5.0.1 when evernote was starting to make quick changes and the App Store wasn't keeping up. I completely uninstalled evernote (including manually deleting all the Library files I could find) then did a clean install and re-downloaded all my notes. It really sounds like something may have gone haywire with the installation. I agree with you that all data files should be in ~/Library!
  4. "When checking for upgrades in my 5.0.4 version, EN says there is no upgrade available. Should I wait for En to post the upgrade inside EN? Should I download new version posted by Jack... here at the forum? Should I wait for new version to be posted in Mac app store?" I noticed this as well but found that under preferences - software update, "update to beta versions" was not checked. Since 5.0.5 is beta, it would not list it when I clicked "check for updates". Once I checked the box, it found 5.0.5 and did the update. Hope that helps.
  5. You can't edit the date on the iPhone or iPad. For some reason, that was left off the iOS apps. I don't think it was available on Mac either until somewhat recently. What's ironic is that the Evernote Food App not only has the ability to change the date, it has a very well done date/time selection UI for doing it! If only that were available in Evernote (both iOS and even Mac) it would be great. By the way - Evernote Food's downside is that you can't edit the entry in Evernote - you have to go back to the Food app for making changes.
  6. Yes - I saw these Console messages as well. Generated tons of this CoreData: error string. Messages have disapperared when I installed 5.0.1 (and not there as well with 5.0.2).
  7. I have been using Evernote for a year or so for journals. I have separte notebooks set up for Medical, Pets, Financial, Travel, etc. Journals. Around 75% of my entries are done on the iPhone or iPad, and, like you, I struggle with entries that need postdating (since I rely on Created Date as the Journal entry date). It's disappointing that the i-apps do not allow editing of the created date, so that means I have to wait until I'm back at the desktop or have the laptop open to edit the date (assuming I remember). I've also tried Journal for Evernote and find having everything lumped into a single day less desirable, and, as you say, once again the entry can't be post-dated. I have tried some stand-alone journal apps, but I really like the flexibility Evernote has (adding web clipping, embedded files, no limit on number of pictures associated with an entry, etc). I have tried Awesome Note, which does sync (sort of) with evernote and allows created date to be edited, but it mucks up the formatting and can't handle things like embedded pdf's. So, I'm still back to wanting to use Evernote as the one-stop shop. I have also tried the Evernote Food app as a way of journal entries. It's nice because it does allow post-dating (in fact the UI for this is really nice), but it creates a locked entry that can't be edited in Evernote, so I can't move it to the correct notebook. Very frustrating - so close, yet so far. And, of course, Text Expander isn't supported, so you can't easily add current date/time easily..... Bottom line is right now I just make the entry and if it needs postdating I flag it with a star and put the date/time in the note. Then go back and clean up later changing the crated date/time using the Mac. One other thing that I've been struggling with using Evernote for journaling is being able to export/print out a chronological diary. I really got frustrated with the Mac app, but then I found that the Windows version does allow for export of notes as a single HTML file that includes date created, date edited, tags, etc. And, it includes all photos, embedded files, etc. This option, for some reason, is not available on the Mac. I run the Windows version, by the way, on the Mac using Wine. I know this doesn't help you much. I hope someone has a better solution.
  8. Yes, thanks. But tapping on date sorts by date updated, not date created (which is what I want).
  9. Previous releases of Evernote on the iPhone allowed sorting by date created. I don't see this option on Evernote 5 - just sort by date (which defaults to date updated) or sort by title. Am I missing something? Can I get my list of notes to sort by date created? Many Thanks.
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