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  1. For those who may not know, you can always scroll straight to the top of a long list (Evernote, Twitter, Facebook, photos - anything) by tapping on the black bar at the very top of the screen - the one with your connection status, the time, and the battery staus in it. Unfortunately, there is no equivalent for getting to the bottom of a long page apart from loads of finger-flicking...! And re May's comment above - it's horses for courses, as we say here Down Under. Or different strokes for different folks. That Alphabetical scroll bar is almost an iOS standard - it's even in the Contacts app. And given that the iOS version of Evernote DID have it - why remove it? It worked for lots of people, while others found it useless. Maybe the extra few pixels of width could be saved by having that scroll bar as an option... THANKS Nightstalker! I didn't know about clicking the black bar on the top of the screen--and I thought I had clicked everywhere there was. Making a quick way to get back to the Search field will make a big difference.
  2. I thought this feature was more of a joke, at least in the Tags screen since there was no way to actually find Tags via a real search. A joke? So you don't mind scrolling through dozens of pages up and down? And, if you're at the Zs in the list, having to scroll dozens of swipes up to the top to get to the Search field? This is a horrible implementation. I've recommended EN to everyone with an iPhone. Now I'm going to have to seek a new app that has the user in mind. I'm really disappointed.
  3. iPhone: I MUST be missing how to navigate in the new version, but for the life of me I cannot find the alpha index that used to be on the right edge. It allowed instant jumps to notes beginning with that letter. Was this feature deleted? If so, MAJOR need.
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