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  1. This worked for me. Thank you very much. Instinctively I had looked at the Capture Window settings, never thought to look at the editor settings, given that my capture settings sent the image capture to the clipboard, I never actually open the editor, I just paste (CTRL-V) into evernote and other places. However, given that this is working with the recommended fix, it appears that the editor settings also control the screen capture processing. Thanks again.
  2. Unfortunately, I agree. I loved the stability and productivity of the earlier versions. Creating notes was fast, responsive, and rock solid. Now the product has become unstable (not responding) all the time. Creating a new note is glitchy, I can just go, I have to wait for the title to be filled in from the first line of the note, if I try to add it myself sometimes it gets over written with first line and so on, just clunky. Pasting pictures is glitchy now. Who is doing the usability QA on this stuff? For me documentation is a split second thing I do all they long as part of tech support, and having to wait for the Evernote glitchy interface is a real hindrance. I hope they get their act together, the product and organization were both really impressive earlier on, I guess it is growing pains.
  3. Applies to: (307881) Public (CE Build ce-53.2.6641): Similar to hanseric if I use any "Effects" in my Snagit Preset when I capture a screen image, it will not paste into Evernote. However, if I don't use any Effects and just do a copy and paste, it works fine, 90% of the time. The other 10% it will create the blank space other have mentioned. At which point, I give it a few seconds, try it again and it works. I don't believe it is Windows issue, since I have an older version of Evernote that I have installed and tried, which worked fine. However, since Evernote's latest security updates, the older version of Evernote does not work anymore, so I was "forced" to use the latest version. Given my line of work and the amount of documentation I do, this is a PITA. I reported it to Evernote with extensive detail on how to reproduce, but I got the canned answer of " we will pass it on to our developers, please see if the issue is fixed in the next update". I have reported this probably 4 times after the latest set of releases, without any fix.
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