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  1. I am having an issue with viewing notes on my Note 3 that I have edited with a handwritten note. It seems that some existing notes have an issue displaying the handwritten note in the proper size. Some notes (not all) the handwriting appears way to large on my note 3 screen to view. I have to scroll a lot. Even if I do a select all and format as plain text on my mac and then add a handwritten on my note 3 it still happens. Although so far any note created on my android is fine and some older notes created on my mac also work fine so I cant tell what the common denominator is. Im thinking its a formatting issue with the existing notes but not sure how to solve ?
  2. I am using the gear and note 3 combo. It seems recent notes appear on gear regardless of size. (attachments, photos, etc of course just do not show up) only the text which is fine. Anyway I typically refer to 6 to 8 notes per day and I was wondering if there is a way to force as recent notes. The scenario is when I start out the day I will tag 6 to 8 notes (depending on the days workload) as "today". I then refer to each note throughout the day and will edit the note once I actually start the project. I have found that applying the tag to the note will not make it recent. Instead I must actually edit it. Problem is once I edit the note I am done with it for the day and no longer need to view it on the gear. It would be great to have these notes show up on the gear so I can get a quick status of the project on the watch before I actually get started on the project that particular day. Any suggestions ? Thank you
  3. Same here on note 3. Restart phone seems to deselect background sync.
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