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  1. Thanks for the video. This won't really work for me unless I move my entire process to Scrivener. So like you my process will be a bit of a mishmash. For the time being I will use Index Card for outlining and story structure. I'll use Evernote for background and record keeping (the friend's name is Paul and he has brown hair, he killed the victim at 10PM). Finally Scripts Pro or Final Draft for the screenplay.
  2. With Index Card I can export to iTunes, copy to Dropbox or email it. How do I get it to sync with Scrivener? BTW, do you use Scrivener for screenplays? I'm using Scripts Pro. Eventually I will get the Final Draft Writer app but that doesn't have an index card function. I'm a big Save The Cat guy and I really like the 40 card breakdown.
  3. I use an Index card app on my iPad to outline stories. A typical movie will have 40 cards. It is really helpful to move scenes around, to color code that this is a hero scene, a villain scene, B-story, etc. I don't really see a way to replicate the index card approach in Evernote (which would produce all sorts of cross-platform auto syncing joy). Any suggestions?
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