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  1. Hello, I have latest Evernote on iPad. I did a tag search, and my screen now shows the list of notes that match that search. Now when I tap the elephant icon all I get is a list of tags. I expected it to take me back to the main page with my list of notebooks, etc. How do I get back to the home menu screen? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks Scott! Your recommendation to turn off the Show Search Explanation worked perfectly.
  3. I am running (270217) Public version of Evernote. In list view, I dragged the dividing bar upwards so that only the note was showing. Now I can't seem to slide the bar downwards so I can see the list again. I hover over all the lines I can see, but nothing. I did a chat with support, but they couldn't figure out and needed to enter a support request. That was 4 days ago, but I'm hopeful. Anyone else experience this and get it resolved? Thanks in advance.
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