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  1. Partially agree with pkempe above. You don't have to go to the 3 dots on the opposite side of the screen to find the "move" option. It is next to the name of the notebook when you hover over it. However, it would be faster/easier to be able to double-click the notebook once you find it...instead of having to click it and THEN going down to click on the MOVE button. We are supposed to be minimizing the number of clicks it takes to accomplish a task. Appreciate the consideration.
  2. Thank you Mike P...that worked. I let the “warning” stop me from going any farther. I appreciate you taking the time to help me.
  3. I'm on a Mac...I now cannot drag and drop from Outlook to Evernote. I have to drag and drop from Outlook to the Desktop...then from the Desktop to the Evernote notebook. BUT THEN...it is an encrypted PDF and when I go into the folder to open the pdf, EN says "This PDF is encrypted and not currently supported". The problem is I have 218 bi-weekly reports in this one notebook that are ALL encrypted and I can't open ANY of them now. I always could before. This is not good.
  4. I have a notebook with all of my paystubs in it for many years. The paystubs are in pdf format with a password required. Now with Evernote version 10.2 I cannot open them. It says "This PDF is encrypted and not currently supported". So any pdf that has a password on it won't work in Evernote? I'm certain that is just a mistake...can I get some help quickly please?
  5. Is there a way to change the sort order with a keyboard shortcut?
  6. Sorting notes is too cumbersome in the iOS system. Too many key strokes (taps). Is there a way to have a keyboard keystroke shortcut to change your sort from “date created” to “title”, etc.?
  7. I share a notebook with my son. Is there a way that he can get an email notification telling him when I add a note to the shared notebook?
  8. I can't get it to work on either my MacBook or my iMac. But hey, I really appreciate your patience with me...thank you!!
  9. I tried the reboot...no help. I tried some different keystrokes no help. Frustrating that it works on yours but not mine. One last question: Is there somewhere to get a list of the shortcuts built into evernote? I appreciate your help, it has been great.
  10. You are right, but when I change it, it still doesn't work. I even deleted it and created it from scratch. screenshot.png.pdf
  11. You are right, but when I change it, it still doesn't work. I even deleted it and created it from scratch.
  12. I attached the pull down menu for you to see.
  13. I got the Title and the Date Created to work perfectly...Thanks! I can't get the Newest to Oldest to work though. I typed in "Newest To Oldest" and used ^N. What am I doing wrong?
  14. I've never done this before. What is the "Menu Title" need to be?
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