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  1. My Evernote uses the standard Alt+Ctrl+E keyboard shortcut to open the Evernote Helper. If I press RightAlt+E (without Ctrl), Evernote doesn't capture the keypress, which is correct — because it's not the same keyboard combo. But when I switch the Windows language to "French (Canada)" with the "United Stated - International" keyboard, pressing RightAlt+E (without Ctrl) triggers Evernote, which brings up the Evernote Helper and prevents me from entering the character associated with that keyboard combo. This is a bug. I understand that I can redefine the Evernote keyboard shortcut, but the software should never trigger on a keypress different than the shortcut. I would appreciate feedback from Evernote staff recognizing this bug and, hopefully, offering a solution.
  2. When sharing a Tweet from the Twitter app to Evernote, the resulting note bears this mention: Will sharing from Twitter to Evernote on Android stop working in less than a month?
  3. +1. It's user-hostile to link to a long note and have to warn them, "please scroll to (heading text)". Anchors exist for a reason. Thanks!
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