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  1. I, too, am confused as every time I click "text" from the notification center, the Evernote application opens. It would be very cool if one could actually type in the notification center directly. As it stands now, prior to this, the steps for me were: 1. Tap home button to power up iPhone 2. Swipe to unlock 3. Tap on Evernote app (in my most frequently used row) 4. Tap on Text button 5. Start typing note With this widget, the steps are: 1. Tap home button to power up iPhone 2. Swipe down to access notification center 3. Tap on Text button 4. Start typing note It really only saves one step an
  2. TheViking: on the iPhone EN app, there is no option to reduce the size of a capture image so every photo is captured at full resolution and thus consuming Inez's monthly upload. In most cases, I don't need a full res image and would rather a simple low res snapshot. As midget points out, the EN Food app does offer a setting to control the resolution of the image captured. We are only looking for the same functionality in the EN app. With any luck, the next version of the app will allow the user to control the resolution!
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