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  1. Do you have an ETA on this? The end users for these folders will be mainly android users, so this would be an issue in fully implementing. On the Business side the Stacks will be Customers and/or Projects with multiple folders underneath pertaining to that stack.
  2. On the Windows Desktop app (Win 7), I can create Business Folders inside of Stacks (just like the Personal). However, when viewing on my Android Phone or Tablet (via the app), the stacks for Business Folders don't show and the folders are listed in Name order.
  3. Tags don't seem to operate the same in the Business Notebooks. In the personal, all of the tags would appear in the sidebar on the left and I could drag to a note. Now only the Tags for that Notebook appear in the sidebar. I also don't see any tags from the personal folders. So a couple of questions. Are the tags shared across Personal and Business Folders (I'd perfer them to be seperate). Second, why do I only see the tag listed for that Notebook, not all of the tags for Business??
  4. Trying to create a new Business Notebook. Whenever I create an new Notebook, it goes into the Personal Notebooks. How do I specify it to go into the Business Notebooks?? Using the Windows app.
  5. Is there a way to make a notebook inactive? If I have a bunch of notebooks, but don't use some of them (but want to keep them for reference), is there a way I can mark them inactive and they won't show up on my Notebook list (unless I specify)?
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