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  1. that's fine for one or two notes, but i have 498 of them. lol .. It seems evernote is fine for little reminder notes here and there, but there is very limited ways to take an accumulation of notes, aggregate and synthesize them, to turn them into say a business plan, or a book, or whatever a person's insights tend to be moving toward. this is all done starting with better search/sort/combining of notes to bring things together into more advanced insights than just the notes themselves. I asked them years ago to head this way .. but doesnt seem to be something they can grock the value in ... its a bummer because they were on the right track with the tool. But as the world moves toward semantic web based integration and application where ''meaning'' not just ''information'' is what people are searching for, this thing i'm suggesting here will become huge. thx for trying to help vic vicdesotelle.com
  2. How do I make notes show up in multiple notebooks without copying the notes? Duplicate (copied) notes are not manageable, because when one copied note file is edited, the other copies do not get edited as well .., right? Can notebooks be set up more like how google organizes email? i.e. the same email can show up in many categories you create for yourself (i.e. is the same as a notebook).
  3. I want to search on keywords, then drag found notes into new notebook so i can share that more specialized notebook with others. To do this, how do I move or copy my existing notes, which are under a general notebook called 'all notes', into this new notebook, and then share this new notebook?
  4. How do I backup up all my evernotes? Two connected problems ... 1- Can I move my EN file(s) directory on my MAC computer so they are under my gDrive, so that way they are always being backed up? 2- Other problem is, if EN goes away, how do I translate my notes into a readable text file? (backup files are only readable by EN) Thx!
  5. i guess you think you've helped me. to that i must say then, a kind thanks for giving it a go. all the best vic
  6. Yes it is aggressive at this point, because no one has answers or suggestions and only judgements ... This is not about backing up for geeks who know how to manipulate code or a computer. It's about the other 99 percent of us who just want simple things and have to deal with arrogance (the blindness of someone who thinks they know and use it to hurt another; like the last two people's statements.) I see you can backup one note at a time, but how to automate on a regular basis 'all' (i repeat: 'all") of my notes to some other server as a backup in case evernotes server ever gets zapped by whatever. I have asked a simple question and have gotten nothing that directs me to a solution. I'll try to keep it simple ... Who is coming up with a full automated backup process for evernotes for the layman? And if no one is, WHY? What am I missing? This is not rocket science. Really looking forward to some insights - not insults. Kind thanks, Vic http://VicDesotelle.com/blog
  7. It amazes me how profound the art of "backup" is. Why is this so tough? After many searches across the web NONE OF YOU TECHNO MASTERS have come up with a good brainless non-techy solution at no cost to backup a person's Evernotes that is easily readable in a format outside of Evernote format. Come on gang .. You can do better. Show me how to backup my Evernotes - without being a techno-web-scientist... Make it layman-friendly, not hacker-friendly. What do ya say? I AWAIT YOUR GENIUS: Show me how to automate the regular backup my Evernotes.
  8. i'm using a mac. not seeing any 'backup' info from your suggested link; what am i missing? any other suggestions on how to create a backup of my evernotes? kind thanks, vic
  9. considering all the viruses trashing major servers out there, I want a backup of my evernotes ... so how do i export my notes in a readable format to my computer on a regular basis?
  10. considering all the viruses trashing major servers out there, I want a backup of my evernotes ... so how do i export my notes in a readable 'and editable' format to my computer on a regular basis?
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