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  1. When viewing a note, it would be more intuitive to return to the menu with a swipe than to press a return-to-menu button.
  2. I would appreciate the option to choose one of my notebooks to view by default when I launch Evernote (including Web, mobile, and desktop clients).
  3. It would be nice if portrait mode recognized upside down. Evernote on Android
  4. Please add support for Markdown WYSIWYG, like Gist has. https://gist.github.com/
  5. I'm fascinated by the ease of taking notes with Evernote and how I can keep my computer and mobile notes in sync. One thing that's really important to me is being able to edit notes when the Internet cuts out or my phone loses reception. Do the Evernote apps (e.g. Web, Android, Windows Metro) allow for this, or do they assume that I'm always online?
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