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  1. I found that this method worked great for importing my Evernote notebooks/notes to One Note: https://tools.stefankueng.com/Evernote2Onenote.html. (The only thing I don't like about One Note is that I don't see a thumbnail of the note's image in the list on my device. It's not a big deal for notes that just have information but I use OneNote to keep track of my hobby's supplies (thousands) that also have an image. This is even with One Notes' "Show Page Previews" turned on. So for now, I'm sticking with EverNote so that I can SEE the image attached to each note.)
  2. @bhermans One thing that helped with our syncing issues (between my iPhone SE 2020 and my husbands iPhone X) is to turn off iCloud sync. This had been turned on for my phone and off for my husband's. This helped for awhile but it's still super buggy for our syncing. Sometimes when I add something (and force a sync), he might see it... or he won't. After he opens our shared note, all of my stuff is wiped out. It's just weird. (Now it's just easier to text him to add this or that to our shopping list.)
  3. @PinkElephantWe've tried everything. New shared note, etc. The problem is only syncing from my device to his. I submitted a support ticket. We share a notebook between two separate accounts. Hopefully EN will have an update soon. (I hadn't noticed that I was in the wrong sub-forum. I had just searched for "Sync". (I've deleted/reinstalled the app, turned off my offline notebooks, created a new shared note, etc.) Sometimes the husband opening the note on his device erases all the adds that I've made to the note on my device. I'll hang out in the other sub-forum to hopefully see a "fix" message. Thanks!
  4. I also have a problem syncing between my iPhone and my husband's device. Both on iOS 14.2 and Evernote 10.1. It's a one-way problem for us. If I edit the note, he doesn't see it. If he edits the note, I can see it. I submitted a support ticket today (11/10/20).
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