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  1. Experiencing exactly the same issue here. Don't understand how this did not get caught on the radar.
  2. Just noticed that Simplify Format now also clears all the highlights. Anyone knows how to retain them instead? Was wondering if it was an intentional change by the developer team...
  3. I am experiencing the same problem with Chinese. Copy and paste would result in mojibake.
  4. Font settings for Simplified Chinese seem to be off again? The Japanese default sans-serif font has taken over...
  5. For some reason the switcher (Command-J) is still only showing the bottom half of the search query.
  6. Still don't get why this SIMPLE feature could be SO difficult to put in place. For the time being, I am using the Evernote plugin for Sublime Text 3 as a makeshift. I wonder if any of Evernote's employees would care for a comment here?
  7. Even a simple find & replace (without support for RegExp or wildcards etc.) would be of tremendous help... I use the Windows version of Evernote for this one thing and this one thing only. Truly ridiculous now that the feature request has existed for more than two years now...
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