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  1. Yea premium user for years now and I get this:

    Hi there, 

    My name is Brittany, and I manage the support team here at Evernote. I wanted to let you know we are currently experiencing a higher than normal volume of requests. The average wait time for a response is currently 10-12+ days. Please know we're doing our best to get back to you as soon as possible.


    Since new the evernote everything went to hell. Syncing issues on my mac and windows computers. And now I can't even export my note to get the hell away from evernote. Pissed off customer now, been a user since evernote started.

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  2. For those reading this topic and thinking Evernote have rubbish support. I've been using Evernote Business for a while and the support is probably the best I've ever experienced so far. The speed at which they are able to reply and resolve issues, one of which being a problem in my registry, was excellent. The ticket was passed through the support levels as expected and resolved quickly (within 48hrs).


    So please don't be perturbed by this thread.

    Way over 48 hrs for me and still not fixed, oh no i'm not perturbed..........

  3. LOL...Not even going to reply to that Burgersnfries....evernote support knows....i don't have to prove nothing to anyone here, sorry i even posted here. This is my last statement here. I posted here just to let people know that as a premium user and now for a few weeks a business (my business) user that the support i have gotten from evernote support, not here in this forum or other users is very poor. I have paid my yearly dues for evernote and my monthly dues for evernote business and i expect support. You can play on my words about emailing or whatever but evernote support has my ticket number, and all the chat logs. In my business customer support is everything and we bend over backwards for our customers, i just except the same from evernote but I'm not getting it. I'm not posting my ticket number here because i didn't ask anyone here for support or to help me with support, i was just letting people know the evernote support was poor. Thats my experience so far. 

  4. This isn't evernote support so why would i post my ticket number here. I was just, never mind i see now that if you let people know about the lack of support from evernote, not evernote users, you get bashed on and excused of just making it up but evernote has my ticket number and thats who needs it. sorry to try and let people know the lack of support from evernote. I never said anything bad about evernote the program or its users, just support. 

  5. Evernote support sucks...I have used evernote for 2 years now and love it but I have now upgraded to Business and have had problems but no one can help. Tried of emailing support, chatting support, lack of telephone support really sucks, but hey they got my money. 100 year company.....not with this support

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