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  1. An inevitable result of people requesting more and more control over layout and formatting, unfortunately. Every step in that direction limits the possibility to automatically adapt to different viewport sizes or alternative note layouts such as the "Presentation Mode". I'm sure this is going to be a great release for some group of users judging by the amount of requests made for these feature. Not the direction I would've wanted though...
  2. +1 I actually mentioned this already in the original feature request thread for highlighting. Possible implementations could include the ability to "loop" through all the highlighted portions of a note or some type of a summary view (similar to the one Skitch has already). The current highlighting is just a hard-coded formatting action which adds no real value. It certainly does not make me more productive.
  3. I doubt it will never happen and the reason is in the internal ENML representation of notes in Evernote, which is akin to HTML. I personally hate the way OneNote works. I want a quick note-taking app, which produces consistent, clean notes by default - and fast. I do not want to fiddle around with formatting options (which mess up the markup) and moving objects around on a canvas (while losing my nerve trying to align them). Moving my hands off the keyboard to a mouse/touchpad is a hindrance and I do not have the time for it while taking notes. It is also dubious how well a free-form layout like this adjusts to different devices. Alas, my use-case is not satisfied well by Evernote either. Rather, it's optimized for archiving web-based content. So we are kinda in the same boat. Evernote will probably never support Markdown and I don't currently have a better alternative, but you at least now have the option of actually using OneNote on a Mac!
  4. +1 Trying to use Evernote on iOS to complete todo items truly is horrible usability-wise. In fact, this would be one the most the common use cases for me personally with the iPhone app - currently I use it for very little else. However, I disagree with the solutions presented. I tend to do that a lot on this forum - it seems . Making the checkboxes bigger is just a kludge. Making them adjustable by the user is even worse. This is not a vector drawing program nor a desktop publishing app. Especially the latter is what several users seem to want to turn Evernote into. Instead, there should be a separate view (a "todo mode" if you will) that extracts all the todo items from the note and renders a gesture-driven UI focusing only on them. It could also be a separate app(*. Shortcomings in the current functionality means, that I have to have a completely different non-integrating app for this purpose. Which on the other hand makes checkboxes completely useless in Evernote for me. I do not want to divide my todo items up into several places. *) Whatever happened to Egretlist? Evernote bought it and killed it?
  5. There seems to be a similar limitation when creating (bulleted) lists as well.
  6. Is there some way to add TODO items to a note by pasting from a clipboard? I was testing the feasibility of using text expansion software in combination with Evernote. Since note templates are not directly supported, I thought it would be a great way to increase productivity especially in the case lots of similarly structured notes or with repetitive sections need to be created. Most of the basic rich text elements work, but I could not find a way to do it for TODO items. Using aText allows to simulate custom key combinations and it works somewhat, but not perfectly. Of course, you could also just create "template" notes and duplicate them, but that just seems clunky to me. KustomNote is not quite what I want either. Text expansion is useful in many other applications and it would be nice to have it work for Evernote as well.
  7. I agree that our approaches have similarities. But the reason I'm for a separate, explicit image (gallery) container, is that in my scenario the problem I'm trying to solve is to have several images on a note without any of them stealing all the available space. Additional content would be positioned either above or below the container. I also do not have the need nor the time to resize each image individually - I'm busy taking notes. It would be interesting to hear the use cases you guys are thinking about. Inline images would work as they do now. Of course this approach would limit the things you could do with images, but I'm not expecting Evernote to handle desktop publishing.
  8. It would be nice to have a solution which is designed to solve actual, concrete use cases. Just requesting a general image resize functionality just does not cut it. Particularly, none of the suggestions presented give enough thought on how the resized images should behave on mobile devices. I have to go against the grain here and claim the current functionality is fine as such. I think part of the challenge is that Evernote handles all images as inline elements. One of my use cases revolve around having several images on a note in a gallery-like layout. This could be solved with a responsive image container. The container would always be 100% width, have a fixed (possibly configurable) number of columns and scale the images within to fit. It would work similarly on all devices. Clicking on an image would allow me to focus on it much like previewing an attachment. And resizing should absolutely perform scaling as the image is being displayed. Actual, physical image manipulation (resizing or otherwise) may very well be performed with an external tool such as Skitch.
  9. +1. It would open up rather interesting possibilites. I'm not sure whether the macro approach in Confluence would be the correct way to design it in Evernote, but pluggable custom editors would certainly be interesting. I'm still dreaming of a two-way sync in Markdown/ENML.
  10. I have to resist the push to just add more and more formatting options (be it indenting, highlighting, ...) to Evernote. Soon the editing experience in it will be comparable to a desktop publishing app similar to Word. And I really dislike that product - seriously who cares whether the left margin is 24mm or 25mm. Too much choice + (half-working) automation to try to fix that = mess. Also, it makes the rendering of notes on all supported devices more difficult (think responsive design). Rather, just limit the options, use sane defaults and make notes look nice and readable from the get-go. The capabilities of (Multi)MarkDown should be more than enough. That said, I would buy highlighting if it brought along some other value along with it. An example of this would be to be able to quickly jump between highlighted portions of the note. And as Martin mentioned earlier, it should definitely be a semantic tag in ENML.
  11. I have to agree that the gray-on-gray color scheme brings some accessibility issues. On the other hand, I think there should not be too many colors either. For example, I've found the large and ornamental icons in Evernote 5 slightly distracting from the beginning. In a note taking app the focus should be on the content - not on the UI elements.
  12. Actually the dialog does currently close when it loses focus. And dragging an item does not close it. And those are both perfectly understandable from my perspective. It's just that clicking on the menu bar or items there does not close the dialog - and I think it should. But that's a small thing really.
  13. I really like the Quick Note -functionality. Nice to have a truly useful feature that adds to productivity - haven't had such in a while. A suggestion: I think the dialog should close itself always whenever I click outside it. That also applies to the menu bar (blank area or on other icons there). This is how similar apps (e.g. Fantastical) work. The other issues related to the internal HTML-like representation of notes are still there unfortunately (cannot remove a <h1>-heading on top of a note, markup ends up being easily cluttered with styles, extra spans and divs etc.). I really wish Evernote used Markdown instead... But I guess you can't have everything Good job on this release, though!
  14. Nice! I see at least one critical bug fixed (searching for and opening a note with Spotlight when Evernote was not running caused one to lose note contents). However, another one I've found is still here: there's no way to remove a <h1> heading element from top of a note.
  15. Looks great! The usability feedback given here already pretty much covers the gripes I have with the new UI so I won't reiterate those. However, I have to agree with some of the posters that the sidebar icons are a bit too big. I also think they are overly decorated. Less color and more contrast would make them more accessible. The layout already has some similarities with the Sparrow e-mail client - I would make the sidebar icons similar as well (keep the icon labels, though). Another good example would be iPhoto. Anyway, these things are purely a matter of aesthetics, so I can't say how alone I am with my opinion
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