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  1. I agree that our approaches have similarities. But the reason I'm for a separate, explicit image (gallery) container, is that in my scenario the problem I'm trying to solve is to have several images on a note without any of them stealing all the available space. Additional content would be positioned either above or below the container. I also do not have the need nor the time to resize each image individually - I'm busy taking notes. It would be interesting to hear the use cases you guys are thinking about. Inline images would work as they do now. Of course this approach would limit the things you could do with images, but I'm not expecting Evernote to handle desktop publishing.
  2. It would be nice to have a solution which is designed to solve actual, concrete use cases. Just requesting a general image resize functionality just does not cut it. Particularly, none of the suggestions presented give enough thought on how the resized images should behave on mobile devices. I have to go against the grain here and claim the current functionality is fine as such. I think part of the challenge is that Evernote handles all images as inline elements. One of my use cases revolve around having several images on a note in a gallery-like layout. This could be solved with a responsive image container. The container would always be 100% width, have a fixed (possibly configurable) number of columns and scale the images within to fit. It would work similarly on all devices. Clicking on an image would allow me to focus on it much like previewing an attachment. And resizing should absolutely perform scaling as the image is being displayed. Actual, physical image manipulation (resizing or otherwise) may very well be performed with an external tool such as Skitch.
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