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  1. I have noticed that notes in Shared Notebooks do not appear in the All Notes section. This is pretty disappointing as this is a feature on Evernote 5 for Mac. Was this just a bug? I hope it appears in the next version Also, the app is a bit laggy. But I'm sure that will be fixed with time.
  2. Hey Evernote, I'm in school at the moment and I have been scanning all my handwritten class notes into Evernote. This is a really great system to store all my notes for later reference. One annoying issue is having to sort each page I scan (notebook, tags, note name). I think there could be a much more elegant solution to this. My idea was, since we already have OCR, why not make it Smart Recognition? At the top of the page, you could write something like: Note:Periodic Table Notebook:Science Tag:Chemistry,Elements Or when you use a # or @ symbol in front etc. Then when your page is scanned in, Evernote could automatically recognise that and sort your page. I know there is a feature like this in the Moleskin books. But this is far from elegant with the stickers. Plus, it costs a lot to buy these notebooks all the time when you are writing pages and pages every day at school. Let me know what you think! PS: Loving Evernote 5 for Mac. Can't wait for iOS!
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