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  1. Just downloaded beta version of EN5 for mac and can't figure out an easy way to filter notes based on multiple tags within a notebook. In older version, you would control/command click multiples tags and notebooks in the sidebar. In EN5, that doesn't seem to work (or I can't figure it out.) Perhaps it is a bug in beta version? I have found 3 work arounds but they are all clunky / time consuming.... option 1 - saved search or ad-hoc search. (takes longer w/ key strokes) option 2 - select tags individually after selecting notebook via tag filter at top right of note list (clunky and time consuming) option 3 - select multiple tags in tag view and then sort results by notebook (doesn't work for me as I need to often sort by date or note name.) Note that I use "list" view for my notes. Any advice is appreciated....
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