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  1. Hi. Check in your notebooks. You'll find the trashcan there. Thank you, I found it there I just don't think it's neither the right place to be nor the only one. You can't get to the trash via the menu (shortcuts maybe? don't know) and I couldn't create a sidebar shortcut. There's a reason for the system trash to be easily accessible via the dock and the menu. What's the reason to break such a system-wide pattern for developers?
  2. Ehi, where's the trash can?!? I believe I looked everywhere and couldn't find it... Hope it's just me or the beta state of the software... Starting from Skitch' rebuild, I feel like at Evernote they decided they have to revolutionise at all costs... Even things that really don't need to. Anyway, I hope it's just a feeling with no ground.
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