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  1. THAT is the most ridiculous thing I've heard in a long time. You're telling me that hundreds and hundreds of notes I've collected over the years, notes I can view and edit just fine via Windows and Mac OS apps, must be reformatted in order to edit them via iOS app? If so, this is a change that does nothing but cause friction with the product and with customer relationship. I've seen no mention of the "simplifying wand" and would never have wanted to touch it for fear it would do what Evernote offered for year with the "Simplify Formatting" (or similarly labeled) feature that too oft
  2. On iOS 10.1 I am unable to edit — add or delete ANY text — to pre-existing content originally added via web clipper. Original note content is labeled with a new header, “HTML Content” and apparently now uneditable. It appears all prior text is locked down from further changes. All I am able to do is APPEND text to a note. Prior to iOS 10, I could readily edit text into notes added via web clipper. No longer.
  3. +1,000 The latest iOS version is a train wreck. I’ve used Evernote for 12 years and cannot believe this massive leap backwards. We lost THREE valuable features for clipping/sending-to: 1) subject/title of original content no longer populates into new note 2) ability to tag clipped content at moment of clipping had been removed 3) the UX to change destination notebooks is now more cumbersome Unconscionable
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