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  1. I installed the beta on my work Macbook first, then on my home iMac. After installing it on my Macbook, I went to town customizing the shortcuts bar. When I installed the beta later that night on my home iMac, my shortcuts did not show up. Are these aspects of the app not syncing across Mac?
  2. One of the things I didn't see mentioned in new features listing is that you can now also drag saved searches to the left sidebar. Go the Notes view, click in the search box in the upper right, and a menu will drop down; you will see your saved searches near the bottom. Grab the one you want and drag it over to the sidebar. Just click on it and that search is instantly run and the notes appear. Very nice! I use this for my ToDo's. I have a search for todo:false so I can see all the outstanding action items from various meetings. Whenever Evernote gets around to focusing on task management in the clients in a real way and nails it, this service will be close to perfect. The main thing people do in meetings besides take notes for remembering items, is write down their Action Items / To Do's that come out of the meeting. I think Evernote needs to elevate this functionality and make Task Management a key part of the service / apps.
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