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  1. The Beta looks promising, but there are definitely some things to work out. In particular, the Saved Search function is clunky. I was freaking out about not having them in the sidebar--I'm glad you can drag them over. Why not also have a collapsable menu there like Tags or Notebooks? There doesn't seem to be a way to change the names of saved searches any more. Once they are in a shortcut, all you can do is remove them from that area. And you can't right click on the search drop down and get any menu, nor is the completely buried Find > Save Search (Thanks Jackolicious, brought my BP back to save levels) doesn't appear to have any renaming options. I use a GTD system that relies on saved searches combining notebooks/tags, so I have a ton of them. Saving them to my shortcuts now means there's no more room on the Sidebar for much else. If Shortcuts could be sectioned, and those sections collapsable, or, likely a better option, the return of a Saved Search category on the sidebar as a user option, my life would be easier. A recent tags feature, or the ability to save frequently used tags to the sidebar would also be a time saver. Generally, I like the improvements otherwise. Thanks!
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