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  1. Also having synch problems on my Android phone (Android 2.2) since the last Evernote update. First synch after the update failed as below, as well as every subsequent synch. I tried logging out and back in, rebooting the phone, wiping the data, and finally removing Evernote completely and re-installing. Thrugh all this, it consistently produced the following symptoms: Goes through the process of downloading headers, snippets etc, eventually the synch ends with 'Last synch failed at:' (with current date/time). The note, notebook, tag, and place counts on the leftmost screen are all correct, but clicking on any of them shows an empty screen inviting me to start adding notes to Evernote. Wireless networking is working fine for other apps on the phone (web, Dropbox, Google Play, etc)and the Evernote app is working just fine on my Android tablet. Is there any way to roll back to the pre-update version of Evernote? I don't need fancy features, just the ability to see my notes on the go.
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