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  1. Sounds good, then my problem will be solved anyway: either if the v10 works well or my transition is done anyway Edit: Just downloaded, installed and synced the legacy (like I said Gigabit connection): OMG the sheer difference in performance! Yeah will using both I guess. For "mass restructure" the legacy one
  2. But the legacy apps are on a different update branch or stale prior to the "v10" Versions?
  3. Well progress would be to see an improvement, a plan to fix it or make it at least and slightly increase. But that's not the case. It's sticks like that for as long this version is out, that is not progress, it's stale. I thinking about switch to legacy, also for the transition cause let's be real: Just exporting or migrating just 50 Notes at once on an account with nearly 30k Notes in total would be painful long. And for iOS well I don't have an option. It's just disappointing
  4. Yeah that's an option but come on, they need to fix that. I pay for that service and they keep making it worse and worse. I needed to reset the iOS App to make to work with pictures. Once Evernote was one of the best apps and service in the App Store but I was going down road imo. And lately it was completely pissing me off tbh: - I created a simple note, just a plain text title with no content and it wasn't synced until I reset the app. Until the reset I wasn't able to add a picture to that note - the Web UI also got that "V10 Design" with all it's issues - the Mac and Windows App need a ridiculous time to process that 50 Notes, even on pretty expensive and beefy machines with each of them has a gigabit connection at his proposal. if I don't see at least a progress to fix at least one of that issues I will migrate to something self hosted sry for the rant, but I try to use that productive and it's getting worse and worse
  5. The Processing of changes to multiple notes is even more worse: 1 Note per second get's processed from the 50 Notes to can select which also blocks the according Evernote client completely
  6. Still an issue which expanded meanwhile to all Desktop Versions: Windows, Mac and Web-Version as well
  7. 2021 and it‘s still not here 😑 Especially since the Desktop Version got so dumb crippled with that 50 notes limit
  8. Well IMHO Evernote has -compared to other Apps on the Store- not really so much bugs that are pretty critical. From the new features the "Search within Apps" feature is of course the killer feature that everyone is looking for! Since every iOS User can participate from it, not just users with the newest iPad.
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