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  1. Today I found a bug in shortcut sync. The sync works well between two Macs until I switch to a second account and back. The shortcuts go back to their state before sync. After disabling sync, proceeding a sync, enable sync and proceeding another sync shortcuts are in the right state. I can do this several times with the same effect. Every time I switch to the second account, I lose the shortcut sync for the first account.
  2. +1 Need the Button in seperate windows. Can`t understand why it should be so difficult to bring back functions that were in Evernote pre 5.0.
  3. Same to me. If removing features on which my complete workflow deepens, I will not renew my premium account next year.
  4. Back and back forward buttons are urgently needed. I use Evernote like a kind of wiki. Without the back and forward buttons is Evernote useless for ner 60 Percent of my work.
  5. German Translation of "Shortcuts" doesn`t fit. Pelase don`t call it "Tastenkombination", that sounds very bad. Just keep the english term, please. Atlas doesn`t work. Evernote trys to sync, but fails - message is allways "trying to connect".
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