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  1. On IOS the length of the tag display is a problem. Also, it's not intuitive to read left-right in 2 columns and would be much more visually usable if the tags were simply listed at the left and could make use of all of the current "2 column" space to display the tag name. So, instead of: ! Today # Follow UP It would be: ! Today # Follow UP Also, I do not use "nested tags" because they are a pain to fix if you accidentally get one out of place. And, I don't think they are supported on IOS anyway, which reduces there utility even more. Instead, I use a keyword that begins every tag in a section. For example, I might have the following: CTX AgreementName 1 CTX AgreementName 2 CTX AgrementName 3 CUST BusinessName A CUST BusinessName B CUST BusinessName C VEND BusinessName 1 VEND BusinessName 2 VEND BusinessName 3 The ability to see more of the tag name would be an enormous help. It would also be a great help when SEARCHING TAGS. Right now you can narrow it down, but you can only see 11 Characters of the tag name which isn't enough. Thanks.
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