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  1. Hi - nice idea,  though I'm not sure how 'simple' it would be to show a coloured box around a tag in every recent version of Windows, Android, iOS and Mac..  the suggestion (with variations) has been raised several times before,  and no doubt Evernote will implement some part of this in due course...


    Well, the box thing was just to make it more visible.  This could be accomplished simply with a Font Color setting that would be tied to each tag.  That part of it should be pretty simple since all languages let you set font color pretty easily.  I was honestly surprised when I saw that setting the color of a tag was not an option already.

  2. When viewing a notebook that has lots of notes in it, it woudl be much easier to easily spot notes with certain tags if I coudl assign a color to the tags.  Could just be the font color the tag uses or even better would be to show a box around the tag that coudl be colored as well.  I'm honestly surprised this isn't possible by default since it seems like such a simple feature.



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  3. I only have the desktop client and the website.  I signed out of them both and went into the website.  It shows me 8 notes in All Notes and 2 Tags under the Tags item on the left.

    I then go log into the Desktop and clicked Sync.  It shows me 161 notes and tons of tags.


    It appears many of the tags are Shared or something.  How do I get rid of shared tags and notes?

    I don't have any Shared Notebooks showing up on the left side so I have no idea where these things are coming from..


    If I open up one of the notes, the Info says it's part of Kelemvor's Notebooks.  But if I go to Kelemvor's Notebooks on the left, there's only 2 things in there that I created yesterday.

  4. So I started using evernot eyears ago for a test project and haven't used it since.  I decided to start again the other dya but for something totally different so I want to delete everything I had.


    I went through and deleted all my notes and then deleted them from my trash.  I then tried to delete all the tags as well.


    On the web client I only see the notes I've created in the last couple days and I only see 3 tags which I created the other day as well.

    On the desktop client (Windows) I see hundreds of Notes that I can't delete as well as 100+ tags that I can't delete either.  I don't know where these are comign from or how to get rid of them.


    I tried closing and reopening the program as well as manually syncing and they just don't go away.


    When I right-click on a tag the Delete option is grayed out.

    When I right-click on the many notes there is no Delete option at all.


    Help please. :)



  5. The Desktop client syncs with the cloud clients anyway, right?  I like an actual client because it shows up as its own program in my Task Bar so I can get to it real fast.  If it's jsut open in a tab it's harder to find and I coudl close it by mistake or forget to go check it.  Having it open as an actual program helps.

  6. So I'm looking for a way I can keep track of all the tasks I need to accomplish and thought maybe Evernote could help.  It seems I have a couple options.


    1) I can make one Notebook called Tasks (or whatever) and then just have one Note called Task List.  I could then just list out all the tasks with checkboxes and check them off when I'm done.  If I wanted to keep the old ones so I could refer back to them I'd eventually end up with a huge list but could see what I had done, what was next to do, etc.


    2) I can make one Notebook called Tasks and then create a separate Note for each Task.  I would then probably have to make a second Notebook called Completed Tasks (or something like that) and then I'd have to move them from one notebook to the other when it was done.  (or maybe I could just use a "completed" tag when they were done. hmm)


    I'm just wondering how most people use this and what you've found works better or worse than other solutions.


    Thanks for any input.

  7. So I have some handwritten recipe cards. They are jsut text and have no picture on them at all. I want to get the recipes into Evernote. I've taken photos of a few and it's awesome that evernote can determine the text on the cards and let me search by that.

    Is it possible to take this one step further and have Everntoe do the OCR and give me the whole text so I can get rid of the picture and just leave the text behind?


    1) I scan in some recipe cards

    2) Assign them to an offline notebook/note

    3) Let everntoe determine the text however it does that

    4) Copy the text and paste it into the note as actual text

    5) Delete the original picture

    This way I don't have to upload any actual picture when the whole picture is just text anyway. Can that be done?


  8. So I have some questions about the uploadlimit imposed on non-premium accounts.

    I just signed up for Evernote yesterday as I want to try it out as a Recipe system.

    I found some data online and use the web clipper thing which was great. I then went home and took out some of ten or so recipe cards and used my phone's camera to snap some pictures. These uploaded fine and I saw no problems.

    I woke up this morning and got an error that I had used up 50% of my alloted monthly limit. All from just 10 photos... If that's the case, it's going to take me years to be able to get all my recipe cards into the system if I can only do a handful every month.

    So, I'm looking for ideas. If I set the camera to take smaller pictures, will that help with the size issue? I just took them and didn't know there was any sort of limit. The pictures were big and I resized them via the desktop client today but that doesn't help the past.

    Is the limit only for notes I add myself? Does it also apply to things put in via the web clipper? So if I highlight an area with a picture does it actualy upload the picture so that uses my space? Or does it just upload a link to the picture so it doesn't take up space?

    Is the limit just for UPloading data? Does anythign count when I download the data to the desktop client? How about if I have the client on multiple PCs?

    Also, if I uploaded the image at a couple megs a piece, and then resized them on the client do more like 300k, does that then reuoload the files so now I used even more data by making the files smaller?

    I have hundreds of recipe cards I wanted to put up online but need to find a way to do this that's not going to suck my 60 megs of data in a day and then I'm screwed for a month.


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