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  1. The Desktop client syncs with the cloud clients anyway, right? I like an actual client because it shows up as its own program in my Task Bar so I can get to it real fast. If it's jsut open in a tab it's harder to find and I coudl close it by mistake or forget to go check it. Having it open as an actual program helps.
  2. So I'm looking for a way I can keep track of all the tasks I need to accomplish and thought maybe Evernote could help. It seems I have a couple options. 1) I can make one Notebook called Tasks (or whatever) and then just have one Note called Task List. I could then just list out all the tasks with checkboxes and check them off when I'm done. If I wanted to keep the old ones so I could refer back to them I'd eventually end up with a huge list but could see what I had done, what was next to do, etc. 2) I can make one Notebook called Tasks and then create a separate Note for each Task. I would then probably have to make a second Notebook called Completed Tasks (or something like that) and then I'd have to move them from one notebook to the other when it was done. (or maybe I could just use a "completed" tag when they were done. hmm) I'm just wondering how most people use this and what you've found works better or worse than other solutions. Thanks for any input.
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