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  1. I see now that in the web versión of Evernote, if you connect your Google Calendar you will be able to use a template for meeting notes. Is there any plans for the same kind of template but with contacts? When you scan a business card, the information is placed in a nice template that can be really helpful if is used even without scanning a card. Why? Well it would be a great relationship tracker and a great way to build a own CRM. And also it would be great if it can be synced with gmail contacts back and forth to keep the information updated in both systems. Thank you.
  2. Hi there, I was thinking that maybe you can use same technology for example if I need to have a task, and I am taking notes in Penultimate, you can draw a small square And that will turn into a task in evernote. This way you can taking notes and later make a search for not completed to-dos like evernote does. Thank you
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