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  1. Evernote would rule the note world with one feature: encryption in transit and at rest. Nobody wants anybody in their notes for any reasons. Not to give you suggestions for other things you might like, not for anything. The encryption key needs to be on my local machine, searches need to be done there (you don't need to know what I'm searching for). You should sell integrated software and storage, not social ***** nobody wants, not collaboration, just notes I can count on to be my notes and only my notes.
  2. I can't say that I'm elated by Evernote hiring a Chief Technology Officer from GoDaddy who's focus on machine learning there was cross selling and upselling. Nor am I interested in having Evernote "surface" things for me or give me recommendations. I want my notes, preferably secure (read encrypted) always there whenever I ask for them. Its a note taking app, not a web search app or a social app. Just rich notes, easy to get too and maybe, one day, also secured with zero knowledge encryption.
  3. I should be able to open an Evernote note on my iPad and write notes with a stylus directly into an existing note or create a new handwritten note without resorting to Penultimate. Penultimate is an awful app that truly does not even integrate well with the rest of Evernote. Handwriting needs to be seamless. Onenote for iPad recently introduced such a feature and it works but not fluidly enough. Still, its better than what Evernote has for handwriting. I want all my notes together, regardless of what kind they are, and handwriting needs to be fully integrated, not some add on kludge. The first company with smooth, fully integrated handwriting support will blow the other out of the water.
  4. Why is there no option to search all notes from the home screen (or whatever its called). I don't often take notes on my phone, but I often want to refer to a note on my phone. That requires a search. I should be able to pop open the app and start searching all notes with one click. This has been problematic for several versions, ie no easily accessible search feature. In this version I have to scroll to notes, tap the right arrow and then tap the search icon. The app should assume its equally likely I'll want to search as enter a new note. Its a computer, I want it to look for the note, I don't want to hunt for it. I don't understand why finding notes has so much lower a priority than entering a note.
  5. Crashes left, right and center. Open evernote, search for some string, open a note that results from the search, close window -------> Crash. Every time, without fail. Running OSX 10.8.2 on current maxed out model of 13" MBP. Also I don't like not being able to see notebooks and notes at the same time. This is a full on laptop screen, not a tablet or phone, we could stand a little more information density.
  6. Crashes frequently. Somtimes after search, sometimes after close. Locks up when closing and Mac notification panel is open. Lots and lots of crashing. Sending reports on them all.
  7. Along with the complaints being levied against Skitch 2.0 for reducing the functionality of the application, let me add another beef: the Icon itself. The heart icon is one I am embarrassed to have seen on my tablet, phone or desktop. It looks unprofessional, looks more like an application for a teenage girl or a dating site, not something professionals use to capture and communicate ideas visually. Please make a more business-like professional icon. Thanks.
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