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  1. So, you're able to open attachments in the standard desktop version installed on Windows 8? Correct, I created a note with an attached pdf in Evernote on a Win 7 PC. In desktop Evernote on my WIN 8 laptop I can see the pdf file content and add a further pdf file to the same note, which becomes visible immediately. In Metro Evernote, on the same Win 8 laptop, I can see there are two pdf files attached but I cannot open them. All I can do in the Metro version is to add plain text at the bottom of the note. Interestingly, while I was playing with these notes in Win 8 desktop mode, Evernote upgraded itself from version 4.5.7 to 4.5.10. It still worked perfectly.
  2. Just to clarify my situation. I recently upgraded a Win 7 laptop to Windows 8 and have both the standard Windows Evernote client and the new Windows 8 Evernote App installed.The standard Evernote still works in desktop and appears to function as it always has. It's the Metro version that won't show pdf files but, apart from that, it is a very worthwhile addition. The interface is much simpler and uncluttered and I can see the advantage it will offer when the issues have been resolved. Looking forward to seeing the update. By the way, there are some issues with pdf files in the Android Evernote App. Sometimes Evernote will show the content of the pdf file directly, sometimes it will show it as an attachment which I have to double-click to view contents in Adobe Reader. I would prefer to consistently see the contents when I open the note.
  3. I've just installed Evernote on my Win 8 laptop and it doesn't want to display PDF files attached to notes prepared on a Win 7 PC. It identifies the PDF file but won't open it. Is there something I'm missing or is PDF not supported in the Evernote Win 8 app?
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