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  1. I am struggling with this - I fail at the first hurdle as I have more posts than the rss reader can cope with. it can do a lower number, but then that's more than 3/4 undone. This is something that shouldn't be so hard!
  2. Neither post was 'in-fighting'. My post was intended as an emphasis of the original post (a review of the thread will show that I am well aware of what the thread is, having posted in it before) .... and I viewed the followup post as emphasising my emphasis with 'what a great idea' as if it were a new thought.
  3. I have a solution for fixing the algorithm. It may be simplistic in concept.... but.... Perhaps you could allow the users to over-ride and choose their own thumbnail? Please?
  4. Spot on. It is an 'external brain' for me ..... productivity is for specialised programmes tailored for what I need to do. Unless evernote gets such a huge set of features that it becomes unusably unwieldy, this is how it will stay - and all the discussion in the podcast seemed to be moving away from this 'external brain' concept in a worrying way.
  5. I must admit to being quite frustrated with the podcast - after such a long gap, it was all too self-congratulatory. Especially when we've been so long with evernote food bugs (an iminent fix is promised - as of the last few days - but the podcast would have been a good opportunity to address this head on). I can get behind not wanting visual skeumorphism, but saying 'cognitive skeumorphism is inherently bad' as a statement is not one that I'm prepared to accept. Saying 'cognitive skeumorphism can get in the way of better ways of doing things - though sometimes it might be the best way to do something' would be closer to the mark. The 'work chat' feature is getting annoying - I use evernote a lot, but as a sole user - the number of times evernote has reminded me (on desktop, in app etc) about work chat is getting silly. I know about it, I'm not going to use it in the near future, stop nagging! Despite being a little gripey, it was nice to see the podcast had not been forgotten, I'd like to see it get back onto a more reasonable schedule - but I'd also like to see it being more about engaging with listeners and less about announcing.
  6. Yes. That was the report. The point is that this is inconsistent. The same action (drag and drop) gives differing outcomes. This is bad. M'kay?
  7. Into 2, and it does create a note if there already are notes. That it does in some cases, but not in others is an inconsistency.
  8. 5.5.2 (402634 direct) OSX Further info: If you are looking at the notebook selection screen (listing all the books), drag and drop does work for an empty notebook. However, if the notebook has been clicked into, dragging a document into the area that lists notes does not work. I have just reverified this.
  9. If I drag a pdf to a notebook, a new note is created. However, if I drag to an empty notebook, the note is not created. This seems to be an inconsistency.
  10. If using Evernote to store music on ipad, is it compatible with any foot switches for page turns? (Pdf) (Even giving a key binding for page turns would allow a Bluetooth keyboard hack to be made)
  11. It'd be really handy if I could update food and hello notes in the main app. Are there plans to allow this, please?
  12. That shows me the changes already made - it doesn't show me the changes I'm about to make with the next update.
  13. When editing a new note, I will often change the title and then click to add tags - the trouble is that changing the title can change the sort order of the note, and this can cause an unexpected loss of focus - with a new note appearing. Yes, I appreciate that I could do things in a different order, but that's not really the point.... if editing a note, I shouldn't be thrown out of the note by anything I choose to change about it.
  14. Is it possible to indicate that one note supercedes another? I.e. I've started to put copies of important (to me) documents in evernote - when a later version of the document comes in, I'd like to indicate that it takes priority over the older copy and hide the older copy (but I don't want to delete the older)
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