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  1. Neither post was 'in-fighting'. My post was intended as an emphasis of the original post (a review of the thread will show that I am well aware of what the thread is, having posted in it before) .... and I viewed the followup post as emphasising my emphasis with 'what a great idea' as if it were a new thought.
  2. I have a solution for fixing the algorithm. It may be simplistic in concept.... but.... Perhaps you could allow the users to over-ride and choose their own thumbnail? Please?
  3. Indeed, it does seem to be. Thanks - apologies for not spotting the pre-existing thread (I didn't spot it as I didn't get the right buzzword of 'selective sync' )
  4. We can have fully synchronised notebooks and local notebooks.... but what about something in between? I.e. 'Sync on request'. What do I mean by that? A notebook that will sync to the cloud (and thus be available everywhere) - but will only sync to a particular device when explicitly requested to do so. When a device is 'unsyncced' the notebook remains in the cloud, but all traces of the notebook are removed on that device. Each installation would have an option to 'get "sync on request" notebooks by default' - and the default would be 'off'. Application: When using evernote on a work machine, I may not want to have private notebooks synchronised to it, however, I would want them to synchronise to all my other devices.
  5. I've spent much time right clicking and hunting options to be able to tweak thumbnail choices.... then a search found this thread. Largest smallest is fine when the user had no input, but the user should be able to override. It's a case of 'IF user selects AND override exists, use override ELSE use current code ENDIF' Please can we have this tweak added to the right click menu? (Similarly, a notebook thumbnail image in notebook view would be lovely) (Using Mac desktop - main. iOS. Windows desktop)
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