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  1. Long time user using EN for GTD. I am sick and tired of EN's poorly thought out and poorly tested releases. This 5 upgrade completely blew my GTD system out of the water. I lost the very useful tag sort feature, thumbnails, ...... I agree with the groundswell of complainers here. I feel that EN is abandoning their fundamental base willing to abandon their hard earned good reviews chasing after every sparkly they can imagine. They just don't seem to understand that the devil lies in the details when people make the leap of faith to entrust all their data to a system. I worked in DP/IT for 30 years and can't comprehend how this bunch cowboy programmers and lax testers can be allowed to run rampant. I have rolled back to the latest 4 release and plan on staying on that functional (for me) release for good if necessary. I also verified the export facility and downloaded my data just in case EN decides to willy-nilly cut my rope.
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