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  1. Now that OneNote is now free (or at least 90% of it) and available for Mac and iOS, Android, and (of course) Windows mobile devices, what are EN's strengths? Web clipping? Third party integration? Import/Export? More features without a Premium account? What do you think?
  2. In my experience, EN5 is about 3-4 times slower, based on 32K notes (about 5GB database), tested on 3 PC's: two Windows 7 and one Windows 8, all using SSD drives. Two of the PC's are i3 and one is i5. The application consistently says Evernote Not Responding on all computers, even when repeating the same search. Sadly, this is new as of EN5. UPDATE: About 2 days later, I've found that all machines are running faster. I haven't changed anything, as suggested in earlier posts. I had already waited about a day with light use, but perhaps large databases take longer before seeing improvements. UPDATE 10-15-2013: Even after waiting (previous update), the Windows Evernote 5 is consistently 30%-150% slower, depending on the search. :-( UPDATE 10-24-2013: The Optimize Database suggestion (below) did help somewhat! I'm now seeing 10%-50% slower responses than EN version 4.x. Ultimately though, that's not cause for joy.
  3. Has anyone else noticed the following? If I search for Test_, here's what I get: EN Website: finds only those notes that exactly match Test_ Windows Desktop Version: same as Website Clever app: same as Website Mac Desktop Version: ignores the underscore and instead finds all notes with test iOS app: same as iOS app This seems like a bug in Mac and iOS. Has anyone else noticed this? Thanks! Sean
  4. I know this is an old topic, but my non-profit, public-charity the Paper Upgrade Project offers a free flashcard program that reads from Evernote. It's called EZFlashcards (www.ezflashcards.com). StudyBlue is a paid service that offers similar features.
  5. This still works. If that registry key is set, Evernote appears to log in automatically, even if you changed your password between Evernote launches.
  6. Yes, please allow changing the background color of the client applications (Windows Evernote, mobile apps) -- if nothing else, please do this for Accessibility reasons! A current (web) workaround: force the colors your browser shows to display a black background. I keep Chrome, my primary browser, open using normal colors and Firefox open (on my second screen) with the tweaked colors.
  7. If I imported, say, 50K items (just text, typically about 300 characters per item) from Supermemo into Evernote, would I encounter speed issues during searches from the Windows Desktop client, Webpage, or iPhone app?
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