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  1. I've been using Evernote for years and am flummoxed by the way the new "Work Chat" has been pushed into the sharing function. I don't think I'd ever need the Work Chat feature, but I do need to be able to setup shared notebooks with individuals. Please make it easy and clear how to accomplish this.
  2. Linking "Work Chat" with the sharing function for notebook is a very confusing way of doing it. In a teacher training I think I lost a lot of my participants due the struggles of trying to share without chatting. We had a mix of people and devices using web, web beta, Mac app, iPad app (updated and non), and the drastic change in sharing behavior did not work out well. Is there a way to paste or type a series of email address and share a notebook without it becoming a chat? Most of the participants didn't get the invite, some did and got the shared class notebook, some responded to the chat without getting the notebook, etc... Sharing from the old web version seemed to work. Please separate the two functions.
  3. I had trouble finding it as well-- If you click on Notebooks so that you get the gray-ish screen, you'll be able to drag notebooks on top of other notebooks or into existing stacks. Right-click works as well.
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