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  1. Checking out the web beta

  2. Perfect avatar. LOL. This thread reminds us for the umpteenth time that we have to give everyone a very easy way to Go Back when inviting the user base into the crowd-sourced design process. I'd suggest Take Me Back and Take Me Forward links below the Look Around button. The Take Me Back flow might include a choice of "don't show me this beta again" or "meh, it's not ready; remind me again in 30 days and I'll check it out again." This way, you might pick up more users in subsequent rounds and you get to use it as a sorting hat for future invites to crowd-sourced alpha/beta testing. That said, what some people refer to as weird white space, others find refreshingly clean, even Tufte-esque (Edward Tufte). The design goal of removing distraction is vital for any product these days. Stretch goal might be to cultivate productive focus. I do agree that Reminders should be atop the left-margin list, above Shortcuts. It's our ToDo list and belongs on top. Minimizing clicks was mentiond and is of course an eternal quest. Elle the elephant could be used utilized as a mouseover target offering Preferences, Leave Beta, and Log Out. Log out needs to be closer at hand for sure. My biggest hurdle with Evernote is on Android and Windows, and the Sisyphean task of fast indexing, search, display of PBDS (Personal Big Data Stores). Amber Case makes a great point about people doing Personal Digital Archeology or something along those lines, and that's essentiall EN's primary mission in life, for both business and personal use. Also, it might be competitive to see Elle take on Siri in a very humble way, with low expectations, not to replace Siri, but to provide different kinds of personality agents for different kinds of tasks or queries. "Okay Elle ..." Often we don't need or want to ask the whole universe about something, just query what we've already pre-authenticated as salient. This is a great time to work on the future of Evernote because we're only now understanding extended cognition sufficiently to begin playing with different modes for extending human capablities with ubiquitous mind-machine interfaces (MMI). P.S. It's all MMI, whether we use electrode thinking caps, voice, typing, or any other mode of interaction; and it's only going to become more embedded, more intimate, more ubuiquitous, moving forward. Good times. May the complexity gods show a little leniency in light of such lofty goals. Personally, I like the gumption, the gall, the insight, the daring of breaking the molds in order to create breakthrough products. Find the other users who share this sentiment and you'll have the most powerful focus group on the planet. I participated in this way with early PeopleBrowsr and other products and it's always a blast. Onward!
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