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  1. GrumpyMonkey, the export to HTML... is actually a great idea! I started doing this and it does gave me A LOT peace of mind, to the point that I don't even mind anymore. This "crisis" happened after I went through an horrible experience with Notability for iPad, which sucks terribly when you need to get things out of there. It took me almost a month to reliably export everything out of it, and to check that nothing was missing. I use Evernote exclusively for everything now, and export immediately any notes done in Notability. The next step is to do an automated "Export Evernote to HTML" routine, maybe Applescript will help. The article about limits is a great reference, thanks for it. Now, about the Library: I can't find the data using the App Store version. There's a lot of stuff inside the Containers folder, mostly shortcuts to places inside my hard drive. But since the HTML tip worked so well I'm not that worried to find it anymore, actually. Thanks anyway. And for photos I guess you're both right. Evernote works great to store references like art and drawings, but sucks terribly for photos because of the EXIF issue. I'm taking another look at both flickr and picasa right now, maybe they will be a better solution. Thank you both for your help!
  2. Hello all, I've been using Evernote for a couple of years now, and suddenly I realized that most, if not all, of my digital life is in there. I mean, that's why this thing was created, right? And it works brilliantly well, with great convenience and easiness of access, and the Premium account worths every penny. And that's why I'm really really nervous about it. My Evernote library is HUGE, with thousands of documents, notes and photos. I have some measures in place to prevent data loss (like a hard drive backup, cloud storage for photos), but still, there's a couple of things that are really getting to my nerves: 1. The reliability of the service. I mean, how easy is it to recover from a catastrophic failure? Say the servers implode, my hard disk burns and I can't find a copy of the app anymore, and all I have is a bunch of .enex files in my backup. Is it readable somehow without the main app? Actually, where is the Evernote library anyway? 2. How big can an account be? I'm estimating about 15Gb of my stuff already in there (since I can't find the library folder), and I just keep throwing things at it. Does it have a maximum size? Or just individual files limit? 3. I really dislike the way it seems to treat photos. It looks like the EXIF data is stripped away when a photo is added to the library, since every picture I shared doesn't show any of that info. Is that correct? Don't get me wrong: I really really love this service. But I'm afraid of trusting it way too much and regretting later.
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