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  1. Feature Request: Duplicate Notebook or Templates

    Thank you so much guys. I will take some time during the weekend to really look this through. Lots of options to consider
  2. Feature Request: Duplicate Notebook or Templates

    @JMichaelTX Thank you for the input. I've found some scripts to duplicate Notes, indeed, but none that can duplicate Notebooks with Notes inside. And that's what I meant. Do you know of any? @DTLow Thank you, but this solution doesn't quite do the job either, or at least I wasn't able to achieve what I need. The .enex file sits on my desktop, but when I double click it, it creates the notes in a special Notebook for imported notes. Did I miss something? Thanks a lot for the help.
  3. Lots of things, all the time. The rest of it, I keep in Evernote!

  4. I use this "feature" everyday, because I constantly need to replicate a "template" Notebook containing template notes inside. So I would either like to see a Duplicate Notebook feature, or a Template Creator, with the ability to replicate custom notes and notebooks. Among a few other things, this is what still makes Evernote only Excellent, when it could be Perfect But that's probably just me. Thanks for listening!
  5. Hello everyone, I've been using the Business Card scan a lot more lately, but unfortunately, every time I scan a new card, I get into some trouble regarding phone numbers. I guess this is due to the predefined phone number convention that is implemented. I'm sure this works perfectly for U.S. phone/cell numbers, but it doesn't quite work for how other countries type their numbers. For example, here in Portugal a cell phone number looks something like this "960906069". When I scan a card containing this number, I get a Mobile field that looks like this "96 090-6069", which is not anywhere near how we type such numbers. Same goes for landline phone numbers, which should look like "275725572", but show up like this "(275) 725-572". I have tried editing the results, but even manually, I can't seem to fix them. Anyone knows how? Or maybe someone from Evernote that could add a feature request to set phone number conventions for how other countries type their phone numbers? Thank you so much!
  6. I came to the forum today with hope that someone had already asked about this. And guess what, you did Let's hope that this means way more integration features for Evernote in iOS.
  7. Applescript to set Subject automatically when sending email notes

    Thank you!
  8. Hi everyone, Sorry if the title is a bit confusing. I have managed to set up rules in Apple Mail that send certain messages from the app into Evernote, automatically, according to some rules. It works just fine, except for the part that I always end up having to tag each note and send them to their corresponding notebooks. I know that, if I want to add a note to Evernote using email, I can manually set both the notebook, using @ before the notebook name, and the tags, just by adding # before each tag on the email message Subject. What I would like to know is if any of you know how to build a script that automates this process. I mean, when I build the rule in Apple Mail, there's the option to add a script, so I guess it would be possible to create one that tells the app to set the Subject with the @Notebookname and #Tagname for that rule. You think this is possible? Thank you so much! Rui
  9. Automate import of emails into Evernote

    The only thing that's even better than Evernote is the Evernote community itself It worked. I have an iCloud account, so I couldn't use the Gmail/IFTTT automation, but the rules in Apple mail do the trick perfectly! Thanks a lot guys!
  10. Helo everyone, I was wondering if and how would one automate the process of importing certain emails from Apple Mail into Evernote. My idea is to import, for example, all Apple Store receipts as individual notes into Evernote, but I wasn't able to figure out a way to do it. I mean, not the ones I already have in my inbox, but the ones to come. Some sort of automation to do this. Maybe it's right in front of my eyes and i just can't see it. I thought I could do it with IFTTT, but no. Then I went into Automator, but wasn't able to figure out if this was doable. I mean, I can just manually drag every new receipt from Mail into Evernote, but if this were to happen automatically, it would be awesome. I figure this must involve some sort of filtering or something like that, but I just can't think of a way. Maybe someone already cracked this one and has a system that does this. Would you mind sharing it? Thank you so much. Rui
  11. REQUEST: Password protected notebooks

    Indeed. Individual protection for notebooks, along with (extended) multi-level organization and somewhat advanced word processor features, are all in my top requests to make Evernote even better. Sorry to introduce these in the topic, but I write a lot, and I can't wait to ditch Word and Pages and just do all my writing in Evernote, making use of its information-research-gather-sketch power, all in one place. That will be heaven!
  12. REQUEST: Password protected notebooks

    Hello everyone, I went through the topic list and didn't find anything about this, so I gues it's a non existent feature. And in my opinion, one that would be a plus to the already fantastic app that is Penultimate. I'm talking about Password Protection for individual notebooks, of course. I have a few notebooks, for work, for personal use, etc. Some of them are just grocery lists, things to-do, you name it. But others contain sensitive material for work, or even the ones I use as a journal, which I would very much prefer to have protected. Yes, I could just password protect Penultimate, which I do, but when I'm out with clients, and need to take a quick note in my general notes notebook, I need to unlock the iPad password protection, then open Penultimate and unlock it too. It would be really good to have Penultimate unlocked at all time, and have only specific notebooks protected instead. Does this make sense to anyone else? Or am I just being picky? Thanks for listening. Evernote Penultimate
  13. mac Drag & drop file links?

    Really cool of you I will take some time to dive into it and will let you know how it went. Many thanks.
  14. mac Drag & drop file links?

    Hi there Kirby Krieger, That could actually work. I wouldn't mind buying Keyboard Maestro, but I'm not exactly sure how would I use the info you shared. I assume you'd have to create some sort of action inside Keyboard Maestro, right? Would you mind explaining how you go about doing that? Or if you already have something like this in your computer, could you share it as a file I could import to Keyboard Maestro? Either way, thank you so much for your help.
  15. mac Drag & drop file links?

    Hi ScottLougheed, I've managed to create an Apple Script that does just that, really similar to step #4 that you mentioned. I even assigned a keyboard shortcut that will copy a list of links of the selected files at a given moment. That solves half of the puzzle. It creates the links in text format, but there's no way (at least one that I know of) to make those into links from Evernote to the actual files. Unless you do it one by one, I haven't found a way For now I'm doing it a different way, using parts of that technique: I select the files in the Finder press Cmd+C create a new Text (regular, not rich text) document in TextEdit press Cmd+V select the whole text using Cmd+A press Cmd+C open a new or existing note in Evernote press Cmd+V type an extra line with something like "Watch" create a link from that word to the folder containing the filesIt's not perfect and it takes a few steps, but for now it does the job. It lists the files, which makes them searchable in Evernote, and I can link from there to the folder containing the files. I wish the good people of Evernote could come up with an easier way to do this. Thanks for your help