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  1. when i close the app in the event of app update/ windows reboot i have to reopen again all my notes and position them on the screen. i use evernote for work and have several notes open to have the info at hand. it would help to have my previously notes reopen, on application start, at same screen position, same window size, same scroll position. i postopne sometimes updates sometimes because it irks be to open again and reposition my stuff.
  2. i used for free evernote and as i found it really useful i bought a year of paid version (it's a bit on the expensive side but it works). i find it really useful! i've been recomending left and right so i'm quite a fan. there are several things that i do not like however if i audio record and switch to another app, the audio recording stops. i tend to record seminars for tens of minutes to hours and this means i cannot use other apps on my tablet while recording. just continue recording and notify me in the system tray that recording is going on. (really appreciate that i'm able to write while recording.) it's REALLY REALLY annoying to be stuck. please fix this as it's a pain in a otherwise great app! while audio recording i need to take some photos and the app does not let me. it's less annoying than the first behaviour but close by. allow me to take photos while audio recording.
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